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STM operates on a 900 acre family farm located ˝ hr east of Adelaide. The farm was originally set up as a quarantine station where he, along with a team of veterinarians, agricultural scientists and managers pioneered embryo transfer in small ruminants during the late 1970’s.  The infrastructure built for this intensive animal husbandry project has lent itself perfectly for intensive calf rearing.


The farm is located in the middle of three distinct dairy regions comprising Murray Bridge, Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula districts which makes for efficient sourcing of calves.



The facility has the capacity to rear 3000 calves per year with ability to expand.  At any time 200 calves under 2 weeks old are housed in separate pens (5 per pen), 200 calves in weaner pens in groups of 10 – 15 from 2 weeks to 8 weeks of age, 160 in weaner pens holding up to 80 calves per pen from 8  to 12 weeks of age and finally, 300 in back grounding lots for calves 90 kg (3 months) to 250 kgs. 


The property covers a large valley containing Dawsley Creek with steep hills either side providing hardy grazing country.  All paddocks have dams and mains water, plenty of gum trees for shelter with the valley’s rich soil ideal for growing hay. The STM rearing facility is located in the valley along with all farm shedding, cattle yards, back grounding pens and management accommodation. 

The geography of the valley provides weather protection to all calf rearing pens.


Quarantine ( Historically AQIS registered livestock export facility )

The quarantine area is set up with sheds, infant pens, weaner pens and back grounding pens.  Trees planted within the double fencing provide shelter.



Temperate weather conditions prevail with summers being hot and dry and winters moderate, not too cold nor too wet.  Perfect weather for rearing and growing calves. 


Support Network

STM is backed by an enthusiastic team comprising of:

·                                     Over 30 commercial Holstein Friesian dairy farms.

·                                     A specialist calf veterinarian with 20 years experience.

·                                     An Australian recognized AB centre supplying quality bull genetics.

·                                     Expert management with fully trained calf rearing staff

·                                     Specialist feed companies supplying milk and calf feed rations